Uniteam Career Development Institute (UCDI)

June 6, 2023

UCDI, also known as Uniteam Career Development Institute, was established with the aim of providing Myanmar youths with the necessary skills and knowledge to work abroad.

As with many developed countries, Ger- many has been facing a shortage of qualified healthcare workers to care for its aging population. Meanwhile, many young people in Myanmar are struggling to find employment opportunities.

To bridge this gap, UCDI has started offering German language classes designed

to meet the requirements of the German workforce. A B2 level of German language proficiency is required to work as a health- care professional in Germany, and UCDI’s courses are tailored to help students achieve this. The institute began offering its German language classes in November 2022, and currently has 120 students from diverse backgrounds attending classes at different levels. Some aspire to become healthcare workers, while others aim to attend higher education in Germany or work on cruise vessels.

Regardless of their aspirations, UCDI is committed to helping all students achieve their dreams by closing skills gaps and preparing them to be confident, competent and job-ready. UCDI believes that education is the best gift one can give to improve one’s life, and language is the key to unlocking many doors of new opportunities.

Capt. Tin Maung Tun, Managing Director