Inauguration Ceremony of MV Uniteam Endeavour, The Integrated Mooring Station

May 30, 2023

On 20 March 2023 the integrated mooring station MV Uniteam Endeavour was inaugurated and launched with great success.

Esteemed guests attended the event, including Mr Gerhard Ruether, Capt. Jerzy Wilk, Capt. Than Oo and the Director General of DMA, who performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The head of the Engine Department from Uniteam Training, U Lwin Oo, said a prayer to bless the new vessel, followed by the launching of the new facility by the God Mother, Daw Marlar Thein Shwe, the wife of Capt. Than Oo. The champagne bottle was broken over the bow of the ship, symbolising the launch of MV Uniteam Endeavour. Several important persons from DMA and representatives of established SRPS from Myanmar were in attendance.

The integrated mooring station includes a forward mooring station, chain locker, paint store, bosun store, bunker station, oily water separator, tank for confined space training and a log lashing station. It is connected with the existing facility, which includes the gangway and pilot ladder and swimming pool with lifeboat and life rafts, to do the Basic Safety Training, PSCRB, Sea Survival, and many other training courses.
The mooring training provided includes safe mooring operation, maintenance and inspection of mooring ropes, accident prevention during mooring operation, maintenance of mooring equipment, anchoring operation, emergency towing, chain locker inspection and maintenance, and communication and teamwork during mooring operation.

The paint store is equipped with a ventilation system, watertight door, mock-up fire detection and firefighting system (CO2/sprinkler). Practical exercises such as entering the paint store, starting ventilation before entering, simulating a fire emergency and maintaining the watertight door will be conducted. Practical Surface Preparation & Maintenance (Chipping & Painting) training will also be done.

The facility includes a bunkering station for practical bunkering operations, oily water separator and a log lashing station located behind the mooring deck. These training facilities provide participants with real-life scenarios and hands-on experience that enhance their ability to perform these operations safely and efficiently.

Uniteam Training always believes in training its seafarers and invested in the training facilities to provide competent and qualified seafarers to man the ships entrusted to us by the shipowners.

The launching of the integrated mooring station MV Uniteam Endeavour was one of the proudest moments in my life. MV Uniteam Endeavour is much more than just a ship for our seafarers. It will provide the necessary practical skills to many seafarers, allow them to take important steps for their career development, and help prevent many accidents.

Capt. Tin Maung Tun, Managing Director