Voyage Planning

On Demand
3 days
English / Myanmar
Operational and Management personnel
Recommend 3 years
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Course Overview

Aims and Objectives: The aim is to improve knowledge and practical skills of seafarers, for preparation and implementation of safe and compliant Voyage Plans. To ensure seafarers understand the importance of careful and continuous review of the current voyage plan. Objectives: At the successful completion of the course, every participant will be able to:

  • Describe the main international regulations governing the preparation Voyage Plans
  • Describe both specific requirements of Flag State and Ship manager
  • Explain the purpose of the Voyage Plan and its practical use during the voyage
  • Compile and carry out a Voyage Plan in full conformance with applicable regulations and guidelines, taking into account all known and foreseeable internal and external factors.
  • Review the passage plan in compliance with international requirements and Safety Management system.
  • Consider the Commercial aspects and Load line requirements during voyage planning.
  • Describe and apply consideration of Seaworthiness.
  • Legal requirements for the Voyage Planning
  • Fundamental stages of the Voyage Planning
  • CBT 0215 Voyage Planning, Pre departure
  • Consideration for intended voyage
  • CBT 0216 Voyage Planning, The sea passage
  • EXERCISE (Part 1) –Compiling the list of charts and nautical publications for given voyage. EXERCISE (Part 2) Plot the route for given voyage and for the ship with given characteristics
  • CBT 0217 Voyage Planning, Pilotage and Berthing
  • EXERCISE (Part 3): Compile a plan for one ‘restricted passage’.
  • Review of passage plan made by Navigation officer
  • Exercise (Part 4) (Management level candidates) will have to individually check one passage plan
  • Case study of voyage planning
  • Passage Planning with ECDIS
  • Simulator exercise: practical execution of the Voyage Plan prepared during earlier exercises.
  • Feedback and Discussion of performance

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