Train the Trainer for Senior Officers

On Demand
2 days
Senior Officers, Senior Engineers
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Course Overview

Aims and Objectives

This course is delivered in class over two days. The first day reminds the onboard trainer that he must perform effective training in limited time with very limited resources therefore the main lesson is setting clear achievable objectives. The second day gives the candidates a chance to create and deliver an event and justify to the audience their choice of subject, objectives, duration, methodology content structure and assessment techniques. It is a highly practical course. Aims
  • To ensure Trainers know training techniques that are effective
  • To ensure that Training Resources and Events are developed correctly
  • To ensure Training Resources and Events are delivered effectively.
Objectives: At the end of the course attendees will be able to:
  • Set clear, relevant objectives for a Training Event.
  • Selecting an appropriate method and style of delivery for the intended audience AND to achieve the objective(s)
  • Create an effective training event / resource to deliver an agreed OBJECTIVE to the agreed audience.
  • Describe the fundamental skill requirements of an effective trainer
  • Describe the fundamental attributes of an effective training event / resource.
  • Introduction
  • Setting an objective
  • Importance of Icebreaking and Motivation
  • Preparing for a Training event
  • Running the training event
  • Controlling the event
  • Delivering the Content
  • Purpose and Types of Assessment
  • Using PowerPoint (& Other resources) appropriately and Effectively
  • Variables for the Instructor / Trainer to Consider
  • Summary: Training event design process
  • Candidates Practical Delivery,
  • Competition and Feedback
  • Prize giving

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