Technical Knowledge for Engine ratings (TKC)

On demand
5 Days
Myanmar / English
This course is intended for Oilers and Wipers, who have a Certificate of Competency as Rating, and part of an Engine Room watch

Course Overview

Technical Knowledge course has been conducted in Uniteam Training as an in-house training course. The aim of this course is to improve their Technical and Practical Knowledge, to understand how to prepare for watch keeping, to prepare how to assist their engineers professionally, to understand how to perform their assign job successfully, and to understand what is necessary to prepare before departure.  

  • Engine room familiarization
  • Instrument and gauges
  • Coolers and heaters
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Safety, Safety equipment and lifesaving appliance
  • Safe handling of chemical Use of fuel oil, Lubrication oil and Grease
  • Bunkering
  • Panting
  • Cleaning and house keeping
  • Valve operation
  • Separator
  • Air compressor
  • Safe handling of steam boiler
  • Environmental friendly equipment
  • Fresh water generator
  • Filter and strainer
  • Marine diesel engine
  • Pumps
  • Piping system
  • Practical exercise
  For this training, Uniteam Training has a modern workshop/engine hall available where Delegates can get hands-on experience with various engine room equipment under guidance of experienced Instructors.

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