Steering Training

On demand
3 Days
English / Myanmar
Deck crew with BST certificates
No Expiry
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Course Overview

Aims and Objectives: To enable to steer the ship and also comply with helm orders in English Language To enable to keep a proper lookout by sight and hearing To enable to monitor and controlling a safe watch To enable to operate emergency equipment and apply emergency procedure Content

  • Use of Magnetic and Gyro Compass
  • Helm order
  • Change over from automatic pilot to hand steering and vise-versa
  • Responsibilities of a lookout, reporting the approximate bearing of sound signal and object in degree or points
  • Use of appropriate internal terms and alarm system
  • Ability to understand orders and to communicate with the officer of the watch on matters relevant to watch keeping duties
  • Procedure for the relief, maintenance and handover of a watch
  • information required to maintain a safe watch
  • Basic environmental protection procedure

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