Ship’s Cook Upskilling

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4 days
1 Years’ experience as Cook. All pooler Ship Cook
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Course Overview

Aims and Objectives

Together with Secrets De Cuisine, UT present a practical course aimed at Ship’s Cooks, Hoewver being a practical course, it is also suitable for anyone working in catering with responsibility for preparation of safe, nutritious and tasty meals for several tastes and cultures.  After the course the candidates will be able to:
  • Works in a clean and hygienic manner
  • Present themselves in a clean and professional manner
  • Demonstrates appropriate knife skills
  • Works in a safe manner following OHS standards
  • Demonstrates a variety of preparation methods
  • Demonstrates a variety of cooking methods
  • Provide food with good flavor
  • Present food in an attractive manner
  • Use equipment and utensils in an appropriate manner
  • Weigh and measure ingredients accurately
  • Prepares, cooks and serves food in realistic industry timeframes
  • Cook can optimise his/her working space


  • Fundamentals of cooking
  • Practical cooking skills
  • Methods of preparation
  • Presentation and serving
  • Health and safety in catering in the maritime industry
  • Healthier foods and special Diets
  • Dietary requirements of shift workers
  • 2-day PREPARATION COURSE Assessment
  • 2-day ASSESSMENT consisting of 3 modules which all need to be validated:
  • Written exam
  • Cookery and savory dishes
  • Pastry and bakery products

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