Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork (BTM)

IMO 1.22 (Nautical)
On demand
5 Days Course / 5 to 10 Delegate
English / Myanmar
Candidate who passed OOW C.O.C class 3 written or oral examinations.

Course Overview

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of TEAMWORK in compliance with COLREG 1972 and STCW 95 VIII/2 Section A-VIII/2 and B-VIII/2 and is based on IMO model course 1.22. The proliferation of serious maritime disasters in recent years, despite the improvements in all technical aspects of the industry, indicates that Bridge Team Management is a subject that needs to be improved at sea. The International Maritime Organization recognizes the essential requirement that all watch keeping officers must be properly trained. Bridge Team Management is more than a concept. It is the implementation of a way of working which recognizes that reliable and consistent standards can only be maintained if navigation is based upon sound principles and reinforced by effective organization. In this context it is to all ship’s officers to make the best possible use of available resources, both human and material, to achieve the successful completion of the voyage. The aim of the course is the prudent mariners are to ensure that their ship reaches its destination safely and efficiently and gain experience in handling ships under various conditions and to make a more effective contribution to the bridge team during ship maneuvering in normal and emergency situations. Contents  

  • Objectives and Methodology
  • Error Chains
  • The Bridge Team
  • The Bridge Team and the Pilot
  • The Basic Principles Of Watch Keeping
  • Geodetic Datum
  • Sole Look Out
  • Ship Handling
  • Hydrodynamic Interaction
  • Shallow Water
  • Effects Of Wind
  • Passage Planning

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