Ship Maneuvering and Handling

On Demand
6 Days
Medical Fitness Certificate, TBA DMA
5 Years

Course Overview

Aims and Objectives: This course aims to improve the skills and knowledge required to issue orders to maneuver and handle a vessel in all conditions. Candidates are assessed upon observation of practical activities involving the use of the 360 Degree Full Mission Simulator to perform actual vessel maneuvering and engine characteristics. Candidates will be able to

  • Use the technology of simulation to enhance safe operation of ships
  • Increasing navigator's knowledge of ship handling theory
  • Improve their ability and skills to maneuver the vessels safely under different conditions
Course Contents
  • Introduction & Familiarization with Bridge
  • Determining the maneuvering and propulsion characteristics of common types of ships,
  • Apply constant-rate-of turn techniques
  • Handling ship in rivers, estuaries and restricted waters,
  • Maneuvering in shallow water, including the reduction in under-keel clearance caused by squat, rolling and pitching
  • Interacting between passing ships and between own ship and nearby banks management and handling of ships in heavy weather
  • Maneuvers when approaching pilot stations and embarking or disembarking pilots,
  • Choice of anchorage system and length of anchorage cable.
  • Use and maneuvering in and near, traffic separation schemes
  • Berthing and unberthing under various conditions
  • Importance of navigating at reduced speed to avoid damage caused by own bow stern waves

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