Risk Assessment (Risk Management and Investigation Analysis)

On demand
2 Days
Management Level Officers and Engineers (CoC STCW Reg. II/2 Operational Level Officers and Engineers (CoC STCW Reg. II/1)
Recommend 3 years

Course Overview

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the course is to increase the shipboard personnel’s knowledge and practical skills necessary for Risk Assessment and Management. To ensure that the shipboard personnel responsible for assessing and managing associated risk are in possession of practical ability to compile comprehensive theoretical Risk Assessment and Management, in conformance with all relevant formal and practical/theoretical requirements.
  • Describe the practical meaning of "safety culture",
  • Explain the importance of methodical risk management in creating/maintaining the positive safety culture,
  • Describe the role of Risk Assessment in the closed loop of Risk Management process,
  • Categorize ship's operations based on the seriousness of hazards involved,
  • Break down shipboard operations into simple tasks,
  • Identify hazards associated with the tasks and determine respective risks,
  • Estimate risk levels of various risk categories (personnel, assets, environment) for each identified hazard,
  • Define practical risk control measures and to estimate their effect on reducing relevant risk levels,
  • Describe the Risk Assessment procedures and be able to practically implement it on board (creation, communication, practical application, review / update).
  • Understanding the requirement for RA
  • General Terminologies and Definition
  • Principle of Risk Assessment
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Requirement of RA as a continuous process
  • Composition of RA Team
  • RA in practice — key elements
  • Company reporting & review requirements

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