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Course Overview

In addition to its regular courses, UT in collaboration with ATLAS KNOWLEDGE from the UK, offer their complete library of high quality, technical Operations & Maintenance related e-learning packages. These e-learning can be taken in UT training centre downtown (with very good Internet speed and bandwidth) under invigilation of UT staff. Titles include the following:

Safety Awareness Range:

Abrasive Wheels, Asbestos Awareness, ATEX / PED, Compression Fittings and Small Bore Tubing, Common Induction, COSHH Awareness, Display Screen Equipment Awareness, Drill Floor & Drill Derricks, Dropped Objects, Gantry Cranes, Hand Safety, Hand-Arm Vibration Awareness, Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness (H2S), Launches and Personnel Transfers, Lifting Operations Awareness (LOLER), Malaria Awareness, Manual Handling Awareness, Mercury Awareness, Nitrogen Awareness, Noise Awareness, NORM / LSA Awareness, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Personal Safety and Security, Pressure Testing, Pressure Vessel Inspection, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), Rigs Under Tow, Safe Driving at Work, Shared Common Induction, Slips, Trips and Falls, Stress Awareness, The Basics of Confined Space Entry, Travel Risks, Welding, Grinding and Machinery, Working at Heights, Working with Electricity;

Safe Systems of Work Range:

Authorized Gas Testing, Confined Space Entry, Electrical Safety Rules, Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW), Mechanical Isolations and Task Risk Assessment;

Environmental range:

Atmospheric Emissions, Chemicals, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Impact Assessment, Introduction to Environmental Management Oil Pollution Emergency Planning, Oil Discharge to Sea, Onshore Office Environmental Management and Awareness, Onshore Waste Management, and Waste Management

Oil & Gas Industry Familiarization Range:

Flare and Vent Systems, Basic Process Science Part 1, Introduction to Basic Process Science Part 2, Basic Process Science Part 3, Basic Process Science Part 4, Basic Refrigeration Process, Basic Turbo Expander Process, Centrifugal Compressor Control, Dehydration Methods, Distillation, Flow and Level Instrumentation, Gas Compression Systems, Gas Dehydration, Gas Lift, Gas Processing, Glycol Regeneration, Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation, Problems Associated with Separation, Produced Water Part 1, Produced Water Part 2, Produced Water Part 3, Safety Systems Part 1, Safety Systems Part 2, Separators, Separator Construction, Separator Start-up and Shut-down, Subsea Control Systems, Oil and Gas Industry, Theory of Gas Compression, NGL Stabilisation

Electrical Engineering Range

Batteries and UPS, Control and Distribution of Power, Electric Motors, Electrical Standards and Plant Loads, Introduction to Power System Design, Power Generation, Power Production Capacity, Power Systems Design Options, Protection Systems, Safety in Design and Motor Performance;

Mechanical Engineering Range

Friction and Lubrication, Introduction to Centrifugal Compressors and Knock-out Drums, Introduction to Diesel Engines, Introduction to Furnace Operations, Introduction to Gas Turbines, Introduction to Pumps, Introduction to Reciprocating Compressors, Seals, Introduction to Tank Storage and Ullage, Introduction to Valves, Introduction to Heat Exchangers

Process Operations Range (upstream)

Separation, Gas Compression, FPSOS, P&IDs, Produced Water, Water Injection, Natural Gas Liquids and Liquefied Natural Gas Part 1, Natural Gas Liquids and Liquefied Natural Gas Part 2, Gas Treatment, Oil and Gas Metering, Sampling and Pigging, and Oil and Gas Extraction

Utilities Range

Compressed Air, Drain Systems, Fuel Systems, HVAC, Potable Water, Power Generation, and Seawater and Firewater

Process Operations & Technology Range (Chemical)

Compressors and Compression, Technology, Distillation, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Process Chemistry and Process Control and Fault Diagnosis;

Integrity Management Range

Corrosion Awareness, Hazards of Hydrocarbons, Loss of Containment, Managing Pressure and Leak Testing, Pipeline Integrity, Piping Vibration, Well Integrity Management Systems and Mechanical Joint Integrity;

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