Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL)

OPITO approved
on demand
3 Days
English / Myanmar
NRC Scanned copy, 2 passport size photos

Course Overview

Course Overview The aim and objectives of the OERTL Initial Training Program are to equip the Delegate with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the role of Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader effectively;  Learning Outcomes

  • Define the role and explain the key responsibilities of the OERTL.
  • State the main priorities of the Emergency Response Team Leader.
  • Explain the purpose of OER arrangements and procedures.
  • Identify the typical elements of emergency response planning.
  • Identify the emergency response PPE requirements for the OERTL and the OERTM.
  • Explain the purpose of setting priorities and objectives in response to an incident.
  • Explain the importance of monitoring environmental conditions during an incident.
  • Explain the importance of monitoring human factors during an incident.
  • Explain the reason for dynamic risk assessment during an emergency response.
  • Delegate tasks to the OERT effectively.
  • Communicate effectively with relevant emergency response personnel.
  • Give clear and concise instructions to the OERT members.
  • Lead the OERT in a clear an confident manner.
  • When safe to do so, direct the OERT into the incident area - continually assessing how the changes in the emergency could impact on the safety of the OERT.
  • Conduct dynamic risk assessments throughout the incident.
  • Look for and response accordingly to signs of stress in individual OERT member during the emergency.
  • Effectively monitor breathing apparatus
  • Lead the OERT during non-fire incidents effectively.
  • Lead the OERT during firefighting operations effectively.
  • Conduct missing person and casualty management effectively during the emergency.

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