High Voltage Training for Electro-Technical Officer

On Demand
8 Days
Medical Fitness Certificate
5 Years

Course Overview

High Voltage Course for Electro-Technical Officer is essential to provide knowledge and skills to operate, supervise and monitor the safe operation and control of the ship’s machinery in accordance with the requirements of the current STCW Convention, and the relevant Sections A-III/6 and table A-III/6. It will provide knowledge and skills to operate and maintain power system in excess of 1,000 volts.  Additionally, faults can be simulated by setting abnormal conditions and the recovery process and troubleshooting can also be studied.  After attending High Voltage course by training on the HV Simulator, the trainee understands the characteristics for operating the machinery and systems fitted on a ‘high voltage’ ship. In particular, the student shall be able to:

  • Describe and explain the operation and function of High Voltage Technology
  • Describe and perform safety precautions on maintenance and operations of HV equipment
  • Describe typical Electrical Propulsion of ships, Electrical Motors and Control Systems
  • Describe and perform safe operation and maintenance of High-voltage systems

Course Contents

  1. High Voltage Technology
  2. Safety Precautions and Technology
  3. Electrical Propulsion of ships, Electrical Motors and Control Systems
  4. Safe Operation and Maintenance of High – voltage System

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