HCT (Refresher)

IMO 1.10 (Nautical)
On demand
2 Days
English / Myanmar
Candidate who has require extending Hazardous Dangerous Goods training certificate which is validity 3 year only. (The course is designed as a free-standing one and is not dependent on a set level of knowledge of other aspects of ship operation or detailed chemical manufacturing knowledge required. However, for seafarers, additional training as specified by the STCW Convention may be necessary to achieve appropriate qualifications. The course can also be used for the training of experienced key ratings who have or are intended to have responsibilities for dangerous goods.)
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Course Overview

This Module provides training on the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code for seafarer assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment involving packaged dangerous, hazardous, hazardous and harmful goods. It also serves as training for staff in associated shore facilities, responsible for the preparation, shipment, handling and documentation of packaged dangerous goods. Both groups of personnel should be familiar with:

  • The reason for the IMDG Code’s existence;
  • The layout of the Code;
  • The means of classifying and identifying dangerous substances, material and articles;
  • Safe packaging method and procedures for ensuring the safety of tank containment systems;
  • The meaning of different markings, labels and documents;
  • The requirements for stowage and segregation; and
  • The procedures to be adopted in an emergency on board a ship.
Learning objectives:
  1. Dangerous goods legislation
  2. The IMDG Code
  3. Classification
  4. Packing and tank provisions
  5. Consignment procedure
  6. Transport operations
  7. The supplement to the IMDG Code

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