Gantry Crane Operations

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Course Overview

Aims and Objectives:

The course is aimed at improving the knowledge and practice of Gantry Crane operator, Banksmen and slingers in lifting operations and allows participants to undertake simple and complex lifting operations. The course covers selection and use of various lifting equipment, inspection, identification of faults and correct uses of gantry crane.
  • Identify and use working Gantry Crane (8 Tonne Load Capacity. Hand controlled.
  • Use of Gantry Crane with typical lifting equipment: (Webbing loops, webbing/wire strops, chain blocks, clamps, barrel lifter, pipe lifter.
  • Create a simple and fast risk assessment based upon type of load nature of lift and prevailing conditions
  • Identify faults and damage to Gantry Crane and accessories, rails electrical supply.
  • Perform safe rigging and lifting with a variety of loads and types of lift using gantry crane
  • Choose the correct apparatus and style of lifting for simple and complex lifts.
  • Introduction to Components of typical 8 Tonne Gantry Travelling Crane.
  • Inspection & condition assessment of crane, hook, wire and accessories
  • Hazard awareness & Risk assessment of typical Gantry Crane operations.
  • Undertake typical types of lifts (vertical, horizontal, traversing), engine block, scaffolding, large pipe, unbalanced load,) using different lifting apparatus.
  • Carry out movement of loads through restricted access
  • Use of different and correct movement techniques Introduction to Overhead crane handling procedure.
  • Crane general arrangement layout and terminology
  • Safety devices and safety awareness.
  • Wire rope checking and greasing parts.
  • Load chart
  • Crane securing procedure.
  • Checking safety pins and pilot lamp.
  • Checking securing wire condition and correct position.
  • Regular maintenance procedure.

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