ECDIS (Upgrading) IMO 1.27

On Demand
2 Days
Completion of ECDIS course within last 5 years
5 Years

Course Overview

The aim of the ECDIS course is to ensure that officers are trained to use ECDIS in navigational planning and perform proper actions which are necessary for safe navigation. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the essential legal aspects and responsibilities in the use of ECDIS.
  • State the main characteristics of principal types of electronic charts.
  • Explain and handle all safety relevant and major characteristics of ECDIS Data.
  • Describe the performing limits of seniors and assess their impact on the safe use of ECDIS.
  • Operate all basic navigational functions and settings of ECDIS.
  • Operate all specific functions and obtaining all relevant information for route planning from ECDIS.
  • Operate all specific functions for route monitoring and obtain all relevant information for navigation and for the ship’s safety.
  • Apply updates and assess the importance of updates.
  • Explain the potential errors of displayed data and take proper actions.
  • Explain and avoid potential errors of interpretation.
  • Explain the status indications, indicators and alarms for different kinds of situation and taking proper action.
  • Describe and operate voyage recording and corresponding functions.
  • Analyse and assessing the proper functioning of ECDIS.
  • Navigate safely using the back-up system in case of ECDIS failure.
  • Legal aspects and Responsibility in Use of ECDIS
  • Principle Types of Electronic Charts
  • Basic Navigational Functions and Settings
  • Understanding of Chart Data and Chart Organization
  • Position Source and Sensors
  • Chart Quality and accuracy, correct & incorrect use
  •  Status Indications, Indicators and Alarms
  • Specific Functions for Route Planning and Route Monitoring
  • ECDIS Targets, Display & Function of Other Navigational Equipment
  • Errors in Displayed Data and of Interpretation
  • Voyage recording and Electronic Log Book Back-Up
  • Procuring, Installation and Updating of Electronic Charts

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