Deck Rating Upgrading Course

On demand
5 Days
English / Myanmar
All Deck ratings (Selected and Approved Pool crew member from Uniteam Marine who have served at sea as a deck rating/ Sr. Deck Cadet in a merchant vessel for at least 18 months. Deck Cadets, from Myanmar Maritime University and Myanmar Merchant Maritime College.

Course Overview

This Deck Rating Upgrading course complies with the ship maintenance procedures, how to handle the new painting methods, handling deck machinery tools and equipment, how to handle and accident prevention about mooring, and safe working onboard. By the end of the course trainees should fully understand or able to implement the knowledge gained from the course.

  1. Working procedures and company standard.
  2. Painting methods and using others chemical.
  3. Price differences between one component and two components paint.
  4. How to handle all safety equipment on board.
  5. Operating all Machinery which are used on the Merchants Ships.
  6. Operating all specific functions and obtaining all relevant information for safety management onboard.
  7. Better knowledge and understanding of operational procedure on board and at shore operations.
  8. Get training in handling unexpected situations.
  9. Better understanding of impression, roles, duties responsible and working condition.
  10. Damage reports and checking according to the cargo plan.
  11. Report any accidents or near accidents.
  12. Knowledge of IMDG cargo storage location and Labels.

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