Advanced Training in Fire Fighting (Revalidation) IMO 2.03

On Demand
1 Day
Medical Fitness Certificate, TBA DMA
5 Years

Course Overview

This DMA approved training programme is intended to meet the requirements set out in Section A-VI/3 of the STCW code. It aims to ensure knowledge and techniques required for fighting fire with particular emphasis on organisation, tactics and command and control.

  • The training programme is aimed to deliver competence based training of advanced firefighting techniques.
  • Delegates will refresh their basic fire skills and gain knowledge of command and control of fire teams, the organisation and training of onboard fire parties and investigation and reporting of fire incidents onboard vessels.
  • Delegates will be assessed by qualified assessors against the competences contained within the STCW code.
  • The training programme also meets the requirements of the IMO STCW standards.
  • Revision of basic firefighting training standards
  • Control of firefighting operations on board ship
  • Organisation and training of fire parties
  • Inspection and servicing of fire detection / extinguishing equipment
  • Investigation and reporting of fire incidents

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