Advanced Firefighting

On demand
2 Days
English / Myanmar
The course is open to all seafarers who have completed basic training in fire prevention. All trainees must be certified by a doctor to be in good health.
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Course Overview

The course aims to provide the training in advanced firefighting in accordance with section A-VI/3 of the STCW code:  

  • Use firefighting organization, tactics and command procedures at sea and in port
  • Use water for fire extinguishing and under the effects on stability
  • Communication and coordination during firefighting operations
  • Utilize ventilation controls to limit spread of fire and limit or extract smoke
  • Utilize fuel and electrical system controls to limit spread of fire and reduce hazards to fire fighters
  • Understand firefighting process hazards
  • Understand firefighting involving dangerous goods
  • Fire precautions and hazards for storing and handling materials
  • Manage and control of injured persons involving fire-related injuries & illnesses
  • Procedures for coordination with shore-based fire fighters
  • Preparation of contingency plans and composition and allocation of fire parties
  • Strategies and tactics for control of fires in various parts of the ship
  • Inspecting and servicing fire detection systems
  • Requirements for statutory and classification surveys, and assessment of causes of incidents involving fire

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